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Super bowl 2017 Live: Stream, How to watch, Start time

The Super bowl 2017 Live New England Patriots and Atlanta Hawks meet at the Super Bowl LI in NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas on February 5, 2017 Sunday.

Super bowl 2017 Live

Super bowl 2017 Live

Here are how many players will win the winning and losing teams and how far the players in the other playoff teams are going home:

On the Joker card round, the players who won the episode earn $ 27,000. The players in the real wild card team earned $ 24,000.

In the division round, all players win $ 27,000.

In the conference championship, all the players won $ 49,000.

Players in the Super Bowl championship will win $ 107,000.

Lost team players will win $ 53,000.

Read more about the Super Bowl by Associated Press:

SITE: NRG Stadium, Houston.


PLAYER: Atlanta will be home and prefer to wear colorful or white swimsuits.

FALL MONTH: Super bowl 2017 Live At the end of the editing game time, the referee will throw a piece of money in the middle of the field immediately according to the rule of the game. The AFC team’s captain (visiting team) will search for a shot. After a break of three minutes after the end of normal play, he will continue with periods of 15 minutes, and he will not break out of half-time between two overtime periods such as overtime. Teams will change the targets between each period, a two minute warning will be made at the end of each period.

Without Super bowl 2017 Live the initial loss of the opening team, both teams must have a chance to win the ball once during the extra time. If the team with the ball scores the first goal, the other team will have the chance to have the ball. If (the team) gets a touch score in his hand, he wins. After the score is linked (if there is a match in both teams), the team wins the score in any way in the next match.

OFFICIAL: Seven officials appointed by the Commissariat and five alternatives.

TROPHY: The winning team keeps the Vince Lombardi Trophy prepared by Tiffany & Company and presented once a year for the winner of the Super Bowl. The Cup received Super bowl 2017 Live┬áthe name of Vince Lombardi, the late coach of Green Bay Packers, the Super Bowl champion twice before the 1971 Super Bowl. The cup is a silver football in a layout dimension mounted in a kick position in a pyramid-like stand of three concave slopes. The cup is 20 3/4 inches long, weighs 6.7 pounds and is worth more than 25,000 pounds. With the NFL shield, “Vince Lombardi” and “Super Bowl LI” were engraved.

PARTICIPATION: To date, 3,876,314 have participated in Super Bowl games. The largest crowd in the 14th Super Bowl at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California was 103.985.